An incredibly powerful region cutoff from the international stage. The country is run through Communist means and is completely self-sufficient. Kanto is a powerhouse of land at war with Unova, the nationwide link to trade routes and democratic absolution.

Kanto is the largest region on Solosz, making up more than half the land of the north continent. Orre is considered part of Kanto as the government steps in for surveying and deforestation. Orre’s residents receive grants from Kanto in exchange for the labour their families provide. Orre is also considered a seperate region due to its vastly differed culture, practices, and environment. Oblivia could be considered to some as another piece of Kanto’s enormous region, located to the East. Kanto aided Oblivia’s military presence during Oblivia and Ransei’s disputes. Oblivia had eventually invaded Ransei after a peace treaty between the two had subsided and the collection of the islands becomes the Kingdoms of Oblivia. Oblivia owes debts to Kanto and is a mass of kingdoms (taking over Ransei) that intend to support Kanto’s efforts during the Aura Wars.

Propaganda is strictly governement controlled. News outlets are monitored by the government and streets run rampant with surveying troops. “Divison” is the name of Kanto’s regional philosophy, and involves the separation of pokemon and human interaction. People in favour of the ideology are thusly named Divisons. There are no pokemon battles in Kanto and no training of pokemon, thus there have been no gym leaders present in the region for over 500 years. Humans live in towns and are normally kept far from industrialized zones unless their family takes up employment in such industrialization. Society as they see it is mostly made up of towns; the homes they hold are nearly identical to one another as most government provided homes are “boxy” and organized neatly in rows. Arceanity is the socially favourable religion to practice while all other be widely frowned upon in Kanto. Twitchism is the only religion to have the case of being punishable by death in Solosz and is only under this regulation in Kanto.

A city named Cerulean is located at the base of the famous landmark, Mt. Moon, in kanto and is believed to be where Cresselia resides.


Logging: 30%
Ore: 20%
Manufacturing: 20%
Other: 30% (Government Jobs, Agriculture, Fishing, Education, etc.)


Arceanity: 94%
Trinitism: 3%
Other: 3%


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